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    Leverage our expertise, relationships, and commitment

    CleanFinancing connects capital with contractors, project developers and property owners for commercial green infrastructure improvements.

    CleanFinancing specializes in Commercial PACE financing, from $100,000 to $5Million, and we probably have already structured financing for a project just like yours.

    We target capital improvement projects for

    • retail, industrial and multi-family buildings
    • office and medical buildings
    • small-to-medium-sized privately held companies
    • non-profits such as private schools, country clubs, places of worship and museums
    • home-owners' associations
    We also work in new construction financing for all of the above.

    We reserve the right to turn down projects and we do not guarantee funding. If we take your project and do not succeed, you have no investment nor obligation to our services.

  • Resources we own and operate

    In addition to our standard email-based account servicing, CleanFinancing provides the following online services:

    Is your project's address in a C-PACE program?


    Type in the address of your project and verify its eligibility. California only currently, but soon to expand to other states where CleanFinancing funds.

    CA storage financing


    Commercial storage projects in California benefit from our 2-in-1 application process: C-PACE and SGIP, with the participation of leading Energy Solutions Providers

  • Fund Consulting

    CleanFinancing can help create Commercial PACE funds for capital managers and corporate interests, to package an entry into one of the striking opportunities of the 21st century.

    Our work in all transaction-sizes of Commercial PACE funding provides us with acute market perspective. We are able to deliver our clients with a front seat to the development of the C-PACE marketplace. We provide direction and access to specialty funding opportunities. Origination and the creation of a transaction pipeline is critical to the proper allocation of credit volume and the successful close of a fund, and we provide that expertise as well. Whatever their long term strategy might be, we help create C-PACE programs for our clients, and we do so in the strictest of confidentiality.


    Branded Funds

    In the building improvement industry, brands seeking sales volume gain significant market advantages by attaching packaged funding solutions to their product offering. Value-added financing allows your direct and indirect sales organizations to present their customers with enticing programs such as "zero down" installations, co-op reserves for successful dealers, and funding that offers a savings proposition over anticipated utility rates. Such programs vary in structure and depth, depending on your channel goals. In most cases, however, they involve a relationship with a third-party lending institution or organization that wants to partner with you. We can facilitate that for you.

    If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or sales organization with a proven volume, you could increase your business with a financing program tied to your brand. We can help you amp-up your transaction volume and turnover. Make it easy for your sales teams to offer PACE, leasing, PPA's, or a combination of those elements. If you have the origination volume, we can design the right financing program for your product or service.

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